About Lunch Box Kidz

Whether the morning rush is too much, or a balanced lunchbox is not an option, The Lunch Box Kidz by Alison is a solution made just for you. 
Healthy, packed, school lunches is what I do. After more than 10 years as a childcare cook, I have a wealth of experience in how to ensure your child has the nutritious food they need to make it through a tough day at school. 

This is a service made for busy, caring parents and guardians who want to give their kids the very best lunchbox for every day of the week. 

Owner Operator

Alison Sciberras


"Alison is the proud mother of two boys. 15 years of school lunches has taught her that the morning rush is never easy. With over 10 years of experience as a childcare cook, your kids will be in safe an caring hands with a lunchbox made and packaged by her, with her brand new business "The Lunch Box Kidz"


When We Deliver 

We will deliver on Sunday and Wednesday. This split delivery system ensures that your lunches are fresh and tasty all week round. We can deliver right to your door, ringing the bell, or in a discrete location. 

Our Menu and Packaging 

Our menu is a reflection of our commitment to a healthy diet and a healthy planet. We try to grow much of our ingredients, source from local suppliers and create home made healthy and tasty snacks, all packaged in green friendly materials to keep our planet healthy too!